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    Title Insurance.. Why you need it.

Buying a home or business property is one of the most rewarding investments you will ever make.  Paying your money and receiving a deed does not insure you good title.  Title Insurance plays a major role in making certain that your home or business ownership is free and clear of any rights or claims of prior owners or creditors.  Just as lenders require fire insurance on the house, they also require title insurance on the title to the Real Estate. 
When you buy real estate or refinance real estate, our function is to make sure that the title to that real estate is free of claims by creditors. To insure this, we search the title to your property for the last sixty years.  When you go to sell that property (or refinance), there should be nothing in the history of that property that would prevent it from being sold or refinanced.  Your protection is that if your property does have an undisclosed lien, your title policy will provide compensation.
Unlike other kinds of insurance that protect from future occurrences, title insurance protects you and your mortgage lender from past occurrences.  Therefore, rather than annual premiums you will pay a one-time premium at the time of your closing or settlement that will insure you against loss arising from defects or hazards that may exist in the title up to the time of your purchase.


Title Insurance Rates are regulated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

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